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3.7V 5000mAh 2874170 Liter energy battery Desktop KH5NBVG Tablet PC Battery 6 Wires

Tablet PC Battery
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  • connector:

    no connector

    JST PH 1.25mm 2 Pin

    JST PH 1.25mm 2 Pin

    JST PH 2.0mm 2 Pin

    JST PH 2.5mm 2 Pin

    JST PH 1.25mm 3 Pin NTC

    JST PH 2.0mm 3 Pin NTC

    JST PH 2.5mm 3 Pin NTC

    SH 1.0MM

    Other connector requirements please contact us

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  • Description


 Battery Type: Li-Polymer

 Battery Volt:73.7V  5000mAh
 Battery model: 2874170
Rechargeable: YES
Charging Voltage: 4.2V
Rated Voltage: 3.7V
Dimensions(L*W*H): About 170x74x2.8mm

Product Description:

1.Uses the latest Lithium Ion battery technology.

2.Integrated microchip prevents overcharging and lengthens battery life.

3.The best replacement spare battery for your equipment.

4.This Battery could also be charged in the equipment directly thru the equipment charger.


Important notes:

1. Use original or reliable charger.

2. Do not throw the battery into fire or water.

3. To avoid keeping it at the temp above 45 degrees or it may cause explosion.

4. Do not pressing it or dropping it from the high altitude.

5. To prevent short circuit, never put it together with conductors, such as keys,coins,etc.

6. Keep the battery in a cool dry surrounding if it's standby.

7. PE or plastic bag as your requirement.

8. Before fixing, each PCB is tested to make sure the IC is working as well as the capacity.

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